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Bankruptcy and Restructuring

The Bankruptcy Code was created with an eye towards giving individuals and businesses a fresh start.  When an unexpected crisis results in debts in excess of assets and projected income, bankruptcy might be necessary to provide a clean slate.   In the current uncertain economic climate, the importance of understanding the niches of the Bankruptcy Code is paramount as ever.  Although the Bankruptcy Code provides numerous protections for both debtors and creditors, the process can be overwhelming and detrimental without proper legal direction.

We obtain a holistic understanding of our clients' financial situation and goals before providing counsel to ensure our legal advice is tailored to our clients' needs.  Whether you are restructuring a business, enforcing a security interest, or declaring personal bankruptcy, personal attention to your matter is essential to help you receive the best outcome for your situation.  Our areas of focus related to bankruptcy include:

- Counseling creditors regarding litigation to maximize their return and recovery

- Counseling debtors (individuals/businesses) by providing strategic options to relieve financial distress 

- Enforcing liens, security interests, and guarantees in state and federal court

- Prosecuting and defending bankruptcy and other related litigation